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We always appreciate when our customers talk to us. This is the best guide for us to improve our services to you. Please feel free to send us your feedback about how we performed the work for you and we will be glad to post it on our testimonials page. View below what some of our clients have to say about us.

View below what some of our clients have had to say about us:

When I needed my Amana refrigerator to be repaired I called Philadelphia Appliance repair. My refrigerator was acting strangely -- the freezer worked, but the refrigerator was warm, and it was getting worse every day. I call on a Friday morning at 9:00am and the appliance repair man was at my house before 11 a.m. -- which was amazing! I don't think I have ever heard of an appliance repair technician showing up in less than 2 hours.

He was nice, straightforward about the prices, VERY QUICK showing up to my house and cleaned up well when he left. He was very professional and gave me a straightforward estimate for the refrigerator repair. Then he told me that he could also perform a complete maintenance on the entire refrigerator, which included changing the water filter and cleaning out all of the lint under the refrigerator, for an additional $60. I thought it was a good deal and it would help maintain my refrigerator, so I gave him the go-ahead.

When he started with the repair, the technician worked very hard and tried everything he could, but didn’t have luck. Then he called his supervisor, who helped him on the phone, and he managed to fix the problem.

In order to keep our house from getting too dirty, he always put covers on his shoes when he was in the house and took them off every time he left the house to pick up parts from his truck! He even brought his own mat so that it wouldn't get too dirty when he was working.

It took him three hours and, since I was with him the entire time I saw how thorough he was – he spent a lot of time making sure there were no leaks when he was replacing the water filter on the back of the refrigerator.

Roland C

Philadelphia, PA 19119

The Philadelphia Appliance Repair technician was a genius. I needed somebody to help me with my Kenmore dryer, which was taking forever to dry my laundry. In a matter of 30 minutes, the dryer repair man fixed the problem. It's amazing; it's working well and it’s perfect. We were chit-chatting after I paid him and he was very polite. Since then my dryer has worked perfectly. I hope that I don’t have any more appliance repair problems, but if I do I will definitely call Philadelphia appliance repair again.

Jane S.
West Conshohocke, PA 19428

We called Philadelphia Appliance Repair to come out and connect our refrigerator to a water line so that we could have ice and water. They came out early gave us a reasonable quote as they told us they would when we scheduled the refrigerator repair appointment. Once the repair technician started working on the appliance, in a very short period of time it was working. And he even cleaned up after himself when he was done with the refrigerator water line installation. Philadelphia Appliance Repair is the fairy that takes all your appliance repair headaches away!

Thank you very much

Sophia G

Huntingdon Valle, 19006

Over past few months, we started getting quite a few appliance problems. We avoided repairing them as long as we could, but finally we called Philadelphia Appliance repair because of all the reviews we read about them.

We needed work on our Maytag dishwasher, which was leaking from the bottom, and the GE gas oven because the baking part wasn’t heating enough and sometimes we smelled gas coming from the oven when we tried to heat food.

When the Philadelphia Appliance Repair technician showed up, he gave us a very reasonable price and finished everything within two hours. In fact, it would have taken less time, but he had to make an extra trip to the appliance parts store to exchange parts. All of the services ended up costing a little over $230, which we thought was really reasonable.

Here are the things we really appreciated about the company:
1. They let us know when they would come and they came on time.
2. Before coming into our house the Philadelphia Appliance Repair technician took off their shoes. Not that we require it, but it shows respect.
3. After he finished his work, there was no need to clean up after them because they had already done it.
4. The Philadelphia Appliance Repair technician gave an accurate estimate and ask for approval before he started fixing the dishwasher and oven.
5. The Philadelphia Appliance Repair technician was very polite and friendly.

I would definitely recommend Philadelphia Appliance Repair.

Liz M.

Morton, 19070

We need more businesses like Philadelphia appliance repair in this world. The word "detailed" best describes the Philadelphia Appliance Repair technician who worked on my refrigerator. He fixed my Subzero refrigerator, which is not exactly an easy job. With 10 years of experience under his belt, he fixed it within an hour and was very detailed on the following:

1. He did not make a mess as he fixed the leak and he put a huge plastic cover on the floor to prevent any damage to my wood floor.

2. He stayed an extra 20 minutes after he finished to test out his work to ensure that the refrigerator was not leaking any more.

The man worked hard for his money and the price for the repair was very reasonable. I am a very picky person, but Philadelphia Appliance Repair really did a wonderful job. I am glad I called Philadelphia Appliance Repair, it was the right choice.

Becky R.

Philadelphia, 19130